5 AM WAKE UP CALL: I love spending time with God early morning, sharing His insights and starting the day right, but the real 'wake up call' for me happened 2 years ago when I first experienced God's presence and realized, WOW! THIS GOD STUFF IS REAL!


Growing up, all I ever wanted was to feel free. Free to be me, to live, love, be happy, feel valued, and complete, but I couldn't shake the feeling that everything I tried was........well, sort of hollow, even pointless.

So, here we are. No 'theory, No airy-fairy. No dogma or self-help blah blah......Just a tried and tested, soul-reviving-path to freedom.....Jesus!  ​Life Change starts HERE -  let's do it together  :-)


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We had spent a lifetime chasing pleasure and indulged in everything society had to offer, but like many others found it an increasing struggle to find happiness and fulfillment. With more 'stuff' than ever before at our fingertips, we felt emotionally and mentally sicker than ever.

It was time to stop burying our heads in the sand and look beyond the quick fixes advertisers and society were selling us every day.

MY PERSONAL MIRACLE. Those who know me may wonder why I have changed so much. The answer is simple. I challenge you to experience, firsthand, the indescribable love, grace, and fullness of a God I did not even believe existed and not come away: utterly transformed.

I remember my first thought was, "WOW!!  If only I had known this before I wasted so much time".  Right then, I knew: all I wanted to do was be a signpost for others looking to experience this deeply personal, transformational love.

I have discovered the world is full of people looking for something they can't seem to find. 

  • BUSY - 60% feel overworked

  • DIVORCE - 1 in 2

  • DEPRESSION - 1 in 10 

  • SUICIDE - 1,400,000 attempts a year

  • DISSATISFIED - 78%  say they are dissatisfied or worried about life at times

  • UN-HAPPINESS  - 1 in 3 say they often feen unhappy 

  • EMPTY, LOST or UNFULFILLED -  $20 Billion a year looking for answers to life, meaning, anxiety, depression, discontent, emotional issues, emptiness and similar

We have more 'stuff' and distractions than ever before. So, why are we the most depressed, addicted, bored, hopeless, empty, dissatisfied, fed-up generation that ever existed?​ If you know deep down that life is crushing your spirit or you feel empty and apraprt from him then its TIME TO JOIN THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS! 


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