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Ever noticed the theme that captivates your thoughts when you are 'at rest'?

What's your default focus? ~ • Does your mind fill up with worries, losses, & mistakes: leaving a residue of subtle anxiety? ......or...... • Do you circle around plans, to-do-lists, goals, projects, ways you will improve: leaving a residue of unrest, since there's so much to do? ~ Both defaults create a low-level PTSD in your mind, caused by the repetition of fight or flight thoughts on loop. ~ This loop creates issues, same as if you never restarted your computer or cellphone: system exhaustion, freezing, glitches, & an unshakable feeling of 'never enough'. ~ But, there is another option... a most elegant solution that will: ° • ENHANCE your productivity & rest ° • GROW your resilience & bounce-back-ability ° • DEEPEN your wisdom for better decisions & discernment ~ CHOOSE Jesus as your default focus. ~ Then, you literally plug into your power source: life-giving not life-draining; ~ 1) ASK the Holy Spirit to help you reset your default focus ° 2) QUIET your mind a few times a day. Turn off the noise for 2mins & refocus on Jesus ° 3) COMMUNICATE with Him frequently: "Jesus, draw me close to you. Help me with this conversation/decision..." ° 4) SATURATE your mind with scripture: write a verse on a post-it and keep it by you. This re-writes unhelpful thoughts in your mind ° 5) RE-ROUTE: when your thoughts go off track, do a quick reroute: replacing Defeat with the Divinity of your God, who has it all in the palm of His hands. ~ Romans 12:2 ~

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