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Do you ever sit down ready for your quiet time with God, and suddenly remember forgotten to-do list items, texts you haven't replied to, grocery items you just ran out of, and even your deepest fears? ~ Yup. It happens. ~ It's as if your mind is waiting for you to stop, so that it can fill up with worries and concerns. And that time you planned to rest in God's peace, becomes anything but!! ~ So, how to stop it? ° 1) REMOVE - Guard this moment of peace, giving your 'first-fruits' of time, and open-hearted attention to Jesus. This will require removing distractions: put your phone away, on airplane mode or mute notifications & redirect your mind back to His word, even when you're tempted to read the headlines. ° 2) REALIZE - Distraction is a paper-thin & predictable plan of the enemy to steal your peace and connection to God. Christian Author, S. Young, suggests: "Say 'No' to plans and problems as they try to creep into your mind. Say 'Yes' to Jesus, to His joy and peace and His unfailingly love". ° 3) REFLECT - This could actually be a wonderful moment to show you the things you DO worry about. Those concerns you push down, during the busy of the day, are now revealed - giving you real & relevant prayer requests to bring to Jesus. Instead of minimizing the thoughts, take the full weight of your fear and tell God everything. ° 4) RELEASE - This experience of feeling out of control can be a much-needed opportunity to hit rock-bottom in your self-reliance tank, something that often doesn't happen until a major health, financial, or family loss. Then, God-reliance becomes your only option, and you can finally release the outcome to The One who directs your steps. ° 5) REACH - For what is higher than your thoughts: God's truth, His glorious promises, and the truth of your identity and Him. Replace your worries with scriptural truths, writing them on index cards or sticky notes and keeping them with you during the day. ~ This is God's time. John 15:4-7 ~

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