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Remember how it felt at the beginning? That mountain-top experience between you and God when you suddenly realized you didn't want to do life alone and you opened your heart in honest surrender and felt IT? That deep rush of love, which covered all your pain and frustrations.

The feeling of being washed from the inside out, like everything had been made right. That other worldly perspective of seeing a small glimpse of how deep and wide His love is for you.

It may have been a few seconds, or you may not have experienced it yet, but that is the added dimension of intimacy with your creator.

For those who have felt it, the natural human tendency to normalize experiences, and take things for granted, often leaves them thinking God's not there because they don't 'feel it' anymore.

But God is unchanging! He is always there, it's just up to us to tune our senses to notice Him right by our side.

Just like building intimacy in any distant relationship, it's up to us to do our part;

1) Think of God more often: remember his incredible traits: all-powerful, everloving, your provider, your comforter.

2) Notice His grand-design on display in how your body works: it breathes, moves, repairs itself, all due to His design. It's His breath in our lungs, so how can we feel distant from Him!

3) Talk to Him, more often and more honestly: you can't ignore him and expect to feel close to Him. Talk to Him often through your day, bring your deepest fears to His feet and release everything to His care.

4) Make worship music a part of your daily rhythm: sing your way back to intimacy with God. Every song of worship knits your heart closer to His.

5) Open the Bible and just read a few verses a day: ask yourself what that verse says about God and what the verse says about WHO you are in Him. This begins a remembrance of His goodness and your New Identity as a Child of God.

6) Go help someone: find a way to serve (volunteer) and decide to show God's love to someone else through your actions and words. Choosing to reflect His love, even when you don't feel it deeply, amplifies your intimacy with God.

7) Say 'thank you' just before you go to sleep. Thank him for the day, and any little blessings or mercies in it. Turning your thoughts toward Him just before you fall asleep can usher your dreamstate into a beautiful time of closeness.

Your God couldn't love you more or be more present in your life, tune your senses toward Him and you will likely find everything you think you're missing is right there patiently waiting for you to notice.

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