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So often we tell God we want to be useful, yet we unconsciously stay in a tight ball, unwilling to be shaped and molded.

If that's you right now, you're probably feeling frustrated that everyone else seems to have a ministry except you. You might feel trapped, 'boxed in', even forgotten.

But could it be that God may be waiting for you to soften so you can be shaped by Him?

What does it look like to be putty in his hands, ready to be molded?

1) Ask God daily: 'Take from me, what is not from you'. He wants to release you from the burdens you carry, from guilt, shame and regret. But you have to begin the process and surrender them to Him.

2) As you release guilt, the Holy Spirit begins a gentle excavation work in you. Purifying you of un-forgiveness, bitterness, and anger: making way for compassion, humility, and a deep source of joy that flows from being set free.

3) Now that you are softened by Him, be willing to show your vulnerability. It's your raw, honest, 'I can't do it alone' self that is most useful to him. Rely on God who is bigger.

4) You're ready: now simply look outside of your circumstances and see where there is a need. Ministry is everything from a warm smile to a passing stranger, being neighborly, sitting with someone while they cry - all the way to helping somebody through difficulty, praying with them, and feeding those who are hungry.

You are needed. Right now.

You don't have to go to bible college or travel to a distant land - you just need to say to God, "Use me, shape me, I am yours and I want to live in your service."

Life is SO much better lived this way. You won't regret it!

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