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Ever feel like you're missing out on something? Like there is a key-ingredient to life you may have passed over?

A 'better' way to do things, that gives you more peace, more enjoyment and deeper relationships... ~ There is, and the missing ingredient is: humility. ~ We need it. Desperately. At home and even in the workplace. ~ When you think about commercial success, bulking up on self-confidence and bravado would seem to create more opportunity & success but can you believe the missing ingredient to being an incredible leader is, in fact, the opposite of that? What we really need is humility. ~ Harvard Business Review wrote, "A sense of humility is essential to leadership because it authenticates a person’s humanity. We humans are frail creatures; we have our faults. Recognizing what we do well, as well as what we do not do so well, is vital to self-awareness and paramount to humility." ~ Could it be, that Jesus gave us the answer not only to living a life of peace, but also being an effective human in this crazy world? ~ Jesus not only taught of humility, He embodied it. A King, choosing to humble himself and be born as a child. Knowing He would endure all kind of pain until His death. Wow, now that's humility. ~ 1 Peter 5:5 : Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another. ~ A willingness to put others first, and an awareness that we need God. Sounds like the perfect recipe for our troubled minds!

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