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If an inquisitive non-believer asked WHY you believe, would you be able to answer?

Even those who may laugh at your hope, deep down, are fascinated with your 'why'. ~ Why would you believe such things? Live that way? Give up those things? Call yourself a Christian? ~ Why indeed. As you ponder your answer, can I humbly suggest it should be full of passion even more than facts. ~ Truth is, most people are not won over with scientific or historical facts or even scripture they've had thrown at them before, they want to hear your raw, real come-to-Jesus-moment that made your change your life so dramatically. ~ Do you remember it? ~ It may not have felt dramatic at the time, but even if you've believed your whole life: there will be one or more defining moments that set your heart ablaze. Share them. ~ Here's what non-believers want to know; ~ 1) How does life FEEL different each day when you believe? ~ 2) How do you DEAL with heartache, pain, and tragedy, differently from them? ~ 3) What's the main benefit of believing? ~ Ultimately, they just wanna know what's in it for them. But we know they will find a wonderful surprise. ~ Sure, we may seek Jesus for the solutions to many of our problems: like our hurts or the calm his love can bring. The joy of relying on a force bigger than yourself, or the promise of heaven or even great community. ~ But when God really touches you, none of that matters much anymore. ~ We come for solutions but we stay to bask in His love and relationship. ~ Your Personal Experience will win hearts for Jesus, if only you will dig deep and be willing to share when asked. ~ 1 Peter 3:15.

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