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I was texting a friend about a scripture that hit me deep, saying her thoughtful responses always made me want to 'dip' a little deeper. ~ Then it struck me.... Dip?? No great knowledge or wisdom comes from merely dipping in a little more. Oh no, I need to be willing to Dig! ~ Dipping is opening your Bible, with all the best intentions, reading a verse and saying, "Hmmm, isn't that nice". And then closing the book. ~ While that's certainly better than never opening the Bible in the first place, all you got was a little dip into a deep pool or wisdom -- but you missed out on the deeper knowledge, the kind that will rattle your numbness and change you in an instant with a deep revelation! ~ To shatter surface-level-reading and plateaued-growth we gotta DIG, not just DIP! ~ Digging is reading that same passage and saying, "That's beautiful, Jesus, tell me more". ~ Close your eyes and ask God to bring the words to life in you heart. And to draw connections from those words, straight into the toughest moment you are facing. Ask, 'How can these words CHANGE me?' ~ Open your eyes and read the verses before and after, for extra context clues. There's more goodness in those side dishes to enhance the entree you just read: making this a full spiritual meal, that sustains you for the journey ahead. ~ And... if you have a few more minutes... go full 'Nancy Drew' on the mystery you just read and Google "Examples of ..... in the Bible" to find other scriptures that complete the concept picture. ~ Oh yes! Digging is super fun. ~ Your heart races as you feel the tiny butterflies of learning, an AHA moment stretching your perspective of God's goodness and your identity in Him. What could be better? ~ So, leave dipping for cold pools of water and set your mind to digging instead. ~ 5 more minutes is all it takes to feel alive and hear the God who created you: speak directly to you through His living word. ~

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