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People say marriage is hard, and my first one was, but this time around I found a miracle.

We've been through 2 decades of changes together, complete with rollercoaster rides, dips, and detours and, somehow, we are more in love than ever.

How? We decided to;

1) Give each other the benefit of the doubt (assume the best, always)

2) See ourselves as one person (whoever gets to go on the fun trip or take a day off, we both feel as if we got it)

3) Not fall into insult addiction (refusing to even begin the huffy, name-calling trap that escalates and gives an addicting hit of adrenaline)

4) Have our roles and not compete (he does what I don't like to do and vice-versa)

5) Take turns to play the supporting act (sometimes I'm the wind beneath his wings, sometimes he is mine. Whoever has the best opportunity shines, and we don't keep score)

6) Make snuggling a part of our day. Little smiles and hugs regularly

:-) -- And that was all before God changed my life from the inside out, gave me a total heart reconstruction, and increased my capacity to love. Who knew, falling in love with Jesus could make my marriage so much better! -- Thank you, Geoff Barker, for an incredible 21 years. I respect you, I love you and am so proud to be your bride.

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