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This Monday presents a question: who will you serve this week? ~ There are just two options: God or Self. ~ Choose 'Self' and you'll begin a rollercoaster ride of pursuits that, ultimately, never fully satisfy. You may feel temporary rushes, but these are followed by dips that are painful and damage how you see God, yourself, and others. The result is fractured faith and wrecked relationships. ~ However, choose 'God' and you open the door wide to a bounty of possibilities (fuelled by God's goodness, not your own) that can heal and restore hope to a broken world. ~ One breathes new life, the other steals your life/joy. ~ The invitation this week, is to choose to offer yourself as a living sacrafice. ~ What does that mean? ~ Willing (your part), and able (God's part) to give glory to Him each day: in the way you give, the way you love, the way you listen and communicate. So that everything you do shares the gospel (the good news that we don't have to struggle alone). ~ God chooses to use us as His messengers to a broken world.....will you begin this week with a willing heart, a childlike sense of curiosity and an open ear for His nudges? ~ My simple prayer today, "God, I am available to work for you this week. Open my eyes to the hurt around me, fill me with compassion, give me the words to say and the courage to comfort. I am your willing servant. Amen." ~ Romans 12:1-2 ~

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