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Watching Christmas movies and thinking back to childhood memories, one thing about Christmas is very clear - whether you believe in Jesus or not, the Christmas spirit represents kindness to others.

Giving money to the homeless, going out of your way to do a selfless act for a stranger, extending forgiveness... All because, "It's Christmas, afterall!"

We give more grace (kindness, forgiveness) to others at this time of year than any other.

But why?

Could it be that this points to a deeper truth?

That this 'goodwill to all men' is a domino effect from a tidal wave of unheard of grace, kindness, and forgiveness that shocked the Earth's people many years ago? -- Jesus' birth was hinted at in the Old Testament, a gift that would come and change everything. -- And that's what he did, when he entered the world-stage in his 30's he rocked establishment like you won't believe, with the ultimate example of 'Christmas Spirit'. -- Kindness and forgiveness for ALL. 'You are ALL loved. ALL forgiven. No more sacrifices needed, no more 600 rules to obey, just receive God's love and.......give it to others.' -- What a game-changer! -- As you give a little more kindness this Christmas season, may you be reminded where those warm feelings and good wishes come from. -- Kindness = Jesus = Christmas Spirit.

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