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We know date-nights (time you carve out to spend together) are vital to keep relationships connected and energized, but what about time with God? ~ In the busy bustle of life, it's staggeringly easy for me to get lazy in my time with God. ~ A quick 1-2-3, check off the list: fast prayer, and I go about day, expecting that was enough to feel close to my creator... and then, having the cheek to doubt His goodness when I feel a distance! ~ But that distance doesn't actually exist, not from God, at least. His love never changes, but how we experience receiving it does, and that part is up to me and you. ~ Just like growing our appreciation of human relationships, we have a part to play. ~ RECIPE for closeness with God (and others) ~ NOTICE - Take time to think of all the ways He cares for you (you woke up today, a hot cup of coffee, a brain that works) • APPRECIATE - Once we've noticed, now marvel at His incredible-ness, His goodness, and His patience with us (which is endless!) • ASSUME THE BEST - Give God the benefit-of-the-doubt, assuming the very best of God's intentions for us (rather than questioning His care) • TALK - Spend time in honest conversation with Him. Not just a surface-level laundry list of all the things we want, but a deep & meaningful one that leaves us open and vulnerable • LISTEN - After laying it all before Him, spend time listening: sitting quietly in His presence and allowing Him to nourish us in the silence ~ Result - refreshing connection with your Creator, and a relationship that grows deeper daily. ~ Before complaining that I feel distant, I will ask myself if I am putting in the time to grow my spiritual-satellite dish, for receiving His love and hearing His voice. ~ God is perfect, His love for us endures forever. 'Feeling it', is up to me. ~ Have you had a date-night with God lately? ~

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