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Remember 'Show & Tell' at school? When each child got to stand up and SHOW something that was important to them - a raggedy old stuffed bunny or your favorite Snoopy lunch box - and TELL the story of where it came from and why you loved it? ~ Did you ever notice: that thing you didn't care about a moment before, now came to life through the eyes of someone passionate about it? ~ There's something about story-telling that opens people's hearts as they listen. ~ Jesus knew this and spent much of His ministry sharing stories in the form of parables. He knew that you can tell someone the truth, straight up, but they are even more likely to hear if you tell Truth through a relatable story. ~ And wow did it work! Those who met Jesus were enraptured with this Good News, shared in new ways, from such a humble man with kind eyes that made them feel 'seen'. ~ He wasn't just giving them information, TELLING, He knew how to SHOW love in everything He did. ~ Psychologists say that people often don't remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. ~ And Jesus made them feel something they'd never felt before! Loved, accepted exactly as they are, worthy of His time and attention. ~ The secret of communicating effectively is to SHOW & TELL. ~ Question: are you all 'Tell' but no 'Show'? Fast to lay out your beliefs, but not so good with showing compassion too? ~ Or are you all 'Show', but no 'Tell'? You love people well, are generous and quick to help practically, but rarely 'Tell' them about Jesus, the source of your hope? ~ My prayer today: Lord, I want to follow Jesus' example, to always SHOW & TELL of your love. Break down my walls and help me see what you see, and love how YOU love. ~ John 13:35 "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” ~

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