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What if feeling empty is actually an exciting way to start your day?

Rather than an emotion to be quickly filled or patched, could it be a gift?

If that's how you're feeling today, I invite you to look at this feeling another way for a moment...

When you know you are not enough, you are at the perfect place to meet God.

When you have no choice but to depend on Him, something beautiful happens: He joins you there, on your knees and covers you with His love. Just as a mother will comfort a child in pain, so does your Father.

Whether you can feel it or not, is often dependant on your honesty with Him. Are you still pretending you don't need Him?

The child who allows a mother to fully comfort them, without pushing her away, is the child who feels her love most fully.

Are you blocking His comfort, without even realizing?

Sarah Young said it well in her devotional, 'Jesus Calling':

"Facing the emptiness inside you is simply a prelude to being filled with God's Fullness. When you drag yourself out of bed feeling sluggish and inadequate, tell yourself that it's the perfect day to depend on God in childlike trust.

If you persevere in this dependance as you go through the day, you will discover at bedtime that Joy and Peace have become your companions. You may not have noticed exactly when they joined you in your journey but you will feel the effects of their presence."

Jesus is the answer. Will you allow Him in a little deeper?

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