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Gosh, life just doesn't let up sometimes, does it!? ~ Circumstances crashing over you like a rough wave in the surf, then, just as you come up for air: another wave hits. Leaving you gasping for breath, desperate for some solid ground to stand on. It's exhausting! ~ So, if we can't make it stop, how can we get through the storms of life with damaging our vessel of faith...? ~ ~ 1) DON'T BE SURPRISED • It's the surprise that takes us off guard. We often spend so much time marveling at our misfortune, as if it were some kind of anomaly, building long stories of our woe and wasting a bunch of energy being angry at God or others. • But: as Theologian, Charles Spurgeon, wrote, "We are not guaranteed fair weather! Big storms tossed even Jesus himself, so we should not expect to find the sea calmer around our little vessel." • Instead: ~ ~ 2) FOCUS on Jesus • He is WITH you in the storm, and that should be our focus. Like a seasick person is told to look at the unmoving horizon, so we should look to the unchanging One. • Charles Spurgeon suggests a new course, "...Make Jesus our anchor, our rudder, our lighthouse, our lifeboat, and our harbor." ~ ~ 3) LET HIM GUIDE you • "Let us follow in his wake, read His signals, steer by his chart, and never fear while He is in within hailing distance." • Jesus is ALWAYS with you, in the center of the storm. Hold fast to Him and He will guide you through. ~ ~ 4) LET HIM GIVE YOU HIS PEACE • It's not the fragile peace of everything being okay, it's the sturdier peace that comes in knowing your Heavenly Father is not afraid of what you're afraid of. • That He is the giant in your situation. Way bigger than the problem, sovereign over all you could possibly go through. Way Maker. Miracle Worker. Promise Keeper. Light in the darkness. • Author, Paul David Tripp, suggests, "Rest in the fact that grace has connected you to the One who has overcome everything that could cause your heart to be troubled, and (that) nothing can sever that connection." •

Now that: is deep peace that can weather ANY storm. ~ #peaceinanystorm #jesusiswithyou #focusonhishorizon #bessiebarker #wakeupwithbessie

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