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How often do we slip into doubt? ~ Uncertain that God will be there for us... but have you ever had reason to doubt? ~ Has He ever left you? Can He ever leave you? ~ No. ~ From that moment you said I believe, He is woven into your heart. It cannot be undone. He will never leave. ~ Yet we forget, despite all the evidence: you woke up this morning, you ate yesterday, your existence through the night sweetly supported by His grand design of your human body, with His breath of life in your lungs. ~ Is that not enough evidence? ~ Charles Spurgeon wrote about King David doubting, "...yet David could never point to any entry in his diary and say, 'Here is evidence the Lord will forsake me', for all the experiences of his life proved the very reverse." ~ What about you? ~ Look back a moment, how many times has He saved you from yourself? ~ How many times has he shielded you from danger (often at the very time we think He hasn't answered our prayer)? ~ How often has He provided just what you needed (money to pay that bill, the contact you needed to get a job, the kind word from a stranger when you were at your lowest)? ~ Charles Spurgeon continues, "Our mistrust has no cause. Has He ever failed to justify our trust, even one time?" ~ "We have had dark nights, but the star of His love has shone, amid the blackness. We have gone through many trials, but never to our detriment, always to our (eventual) advantage." ~ "Let us not, then, think thoughts that are contrary to the evidence. How can we be so ungenerous as to doubt our God?" ~ This week, will you courageously set down your memories of humans letting you down, and see the truth of our trustworthy God: in stark, glorious comparison? ~ Trust His history of provision, comfort, and care in your life, and your heart will open more to see every tiny blessing of His that goes unnoticed in your day. There are literally millions. ~

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