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On our 10-year spiritual journey around the world, we looked for truth under every stone, in every culture, religion, and ology, just as long as they had nothing to do with the Christianity.

When you're that determined to avoid Jesus, God uses everyone and anyone as signposts toward Him. We often stumbled upon them on our experiment, and then quickly shut them down.

There was the humble Christian community in Kangaroo Valley, Australia, followers living out the new testament, and shunning modern conveniences (much like the Amish).

Then, the Christian pastors who left a note on our RV asking us to join them for dinner, we ate, we listened with closed ears but enjoyed their kindness and a hot shower.

We visited Salvation mountain, an art monument created by Leonard Knight, determined to tell the world Jesus loved them. We were touched by his faith but not turned.

There was even a miracle-man who had been healed by Jesus, from being in a wheelchair. His legs miraculously came to life during a church service. He marvelled that he had not asked to be healed and yet he was. We listened, denied in our hearts and drove away.

Over the years of seeking, we met many Christians - and have since received messages from them saying they were praying for us this whole time.But it was Jesus who broke through our hard-hearts, in spectacular fashion, and changed everything.

So, if there is someone you are praying for, hoping you'll find the right words and the right time: I encourage you to release them to Jesus, and allow His timing to work wonders we could never create by ourselves.This scripture describes perfectly, how I 'accidentally' found God:

Romans 10:9, "I was found by those who did not seek me; I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me"If there was anyone who was 'too far gone', it was us. And God found us anyway.

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