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Have you ever noticed how some people seem to glow with Jesus' love, as if when you see them, you also see Jesus? ~ It's beautiful and captivating & leads us to wish we had that glow too. ~ So, can anyone get it? Yes they can. ~ Finding your God-glow is oh so simple - yet difficult if surrender is something you tend to avoid. ~ The secret sauce: be UTTERLY dependant on Him. ~ What does that mean? ~ Realize & remember, second-by-second, that Jesus gave you everything and you can do nothing good without Him. ~ Be like a little child in your dependance on Him. Don't assume you can feed yourself, clothe yourself, house yourself WITHOUT relying on Jesus for it all. ~ Theologian, Oswald Chambers, wrote, "Are we living at such a level of human dependance upon Jesus Christ that His life is being exhibited moment-by-moment in us?" ~ When you realize your dependance, your God-gratitude causes you to glow with His love. ~ * You SEE His hand at work in every tiny blessing . * You FEEL how much He cares for you . * You LOOK & LISTEN for His guidance through your day. ~ Then, Jesus is more real than the chair you're sitting on and your body and mind will literally sing His praises as you go about your day -- causing you to GLOW with His love. ~ God glow = dependance on Him. ~ Get yours today. ~

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