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Are you a justice seeker? Or a justice giver? ° In this crazy world, it's so easy to see all that's broken and be disheartened. So much pain, distruction and division. ° Does that CONSUME you or ENFLAME you? ° Does it cause you to wallow in what's wrong? Or leap with urgency to do what's right? ° To love with abandon, giving the extreme grace you've been given? ° You have been called a change-maker, a forgiver, a mercy-giver, someone to love the forgotten. ° Your calling: to give what you see missing. ° I love the quote, "Never look for (expect) justice in this world but never cease to give it", Oswald Chambers. ° This world IS broken, we are broken, that is why Jesus came to die FOR us, the only way for us to find freedom and life. He did what we could NOT do, so that we could live the life we NEVER could have. ° So, in response to that beautiful gift we-can-never-repay, surely we can shine a little light to others? ° Today's Experiment: rather than focusing on what is not being given... Let's give it ourselves. ° One person at a time, one heart change, one act of absolute grace, you are a light to a hurting world. Won't you let your light shine? ° Matthew 5:16 "In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." °

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