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I'm a big to-do list gal, planning out my day and listing my objectives, ordered by number to ensure I do the items requiring the most creativity and brain-power when I have the most capacity. ~ Sounds like wisdom, right? It is, and it's one I have used for 20 years of speaking and coaching people on getting the most from their lives. Entrepreneur Elon Musk takes it a little further, segmenting his working day into 5minute allotments to ensure efficiency! ~ Planning makes me feel like I have some control over my day, but is that really true? Or could it be blocking me from something deeper? ~ If you're a believer, you don't just have your to-do list to think about, you have a wilder, much more exciting, God-list that is planned for you. ~ Unlike us, God's imagination for our life trajectory is not limited by current constraints. He can see deeper and wider, with a lifetime perspective, surely He knows better what we should do next? ~ Idea: make your plans for the day, but hold them tentatively, anticipating that Jesus may have other ideas. Release the human yearning for control, and, in the process, open up your heart to ALL the wildly wonderful opportunities and experiences God is gently holding out for you to take. ~ Let go: raise your hands up high: strap on a 'seat-belt' of deep trust, and say "Let's go, God, I'm ready for it all" ~

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