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Does it make a difference why you choose to believe? -- Can calling yourself a Christian, simply as an insurance policy to get you into heaven, change your life from the inside out? Or is it just a patch that doesn't make much difference to the state-of-your-heart? -- This was the question that bubbled to my mind when a non-believer asked me why so many Christians and wishy-washy in how they live life. -- "Well, firstly, we all fail, every day. Each and every one of us", I explained, "Becoming a Christian doesn't mean we will never fall, we will, we just now have a handrail to reach for to pull us out of the quicksand-of-life". -- The answer satisfied my friend, but it got me thinking. What IS this difference between those who are ON FIRE for God, and those whose flame is all but extinguished? -- The difference is: saying you believe as an insurance policy to life and a boost to your spiritual CV, Versus the utter and complete surrender that comes when you realize you don't want to rely on your own strength solely anymore, day-by-day, and you reach for God with complete abandon, ready to admit your failings and deeply aware of your vulnerability. -- One is a patch, the other is a cure. -- So which one do you have? -- Quick test - are you willing to be raw and vulnerable: admitting your current faults and failings to others? Or do you only show your picture-perfect life to others so you don't look weak? -- Vulnerability IS the doorway to a deeper relationship with God and with others. -- We all fail. Won't you admit it to God and those around you, knowing that He is only strength you need to rely on? -- This will change your life and your faith - IF you let it.

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