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Ever notice your prayer-time feeling a little distant? ~ Like talking to someone who isn't there or is distracted and busy listening to others people's requests? ~ We all feel it at times, so you're not alone, literally, but what's up with that... and how can you change it? ~ The truth is God is never distracted, He is always fully present, aware of your needs, and sweetly waiting for your heartfelt words. ~ The issue lies with US, and we see a mirror of it in our human relationships: when we have surface level small-talk, ignoring the deeper problems on our mind, or don't clear the air with a friend after we know we've messed up. ~ The result is an awkward, stilted, almost painful conversation, and it's the same with prayer when we don't clear the air with God first. ~ Sadly, so often we don't see it's US creating the awkwardness and just begin to slowly decide that we've lost our intimacy with God and He doesn't really care. All the while, it's actually you and I creating a false sense of distance. What a tragedy! ~ SOLUTION: every single prayer, start with the worst of what's going through your head, begin with the heavy stuff, the unmentionables. He knows them anyway! ~ Admit where and how you've messed up. This clears the air and takes away the awkwardness. Allow the confessions to lead you to praise Him that He chooses to help you and love you. Tell Him that you know, categorically, you can't do anything without Him. That you need Him desperately. ~ Shallow pretty prayers break open to deep, honest, intimate moments that will change you if you will let them. ~ He is ready to hear it all, and love you through it. ~

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