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Not many want to answer 'yes' to that question! Giving up is something we fight against and teach our children to NEVER do. ~ Yep, the saying 'Don't be a quitter' is ingrained in most of us, but could that well intentioned life-skill hold us back with God? ~ Our heavenly Father invites us to do the opposite: to give-UP (trying to do it alone) and give-IN to Him (completely aware that we cannot do life without Him and we don't want to try). ~ No wonder we sometimes struggles letting God lead. It one sense, it goes against everything inside of us, in another it's the most natural thing in the world. ~ So, the next time you're having a little trouble remembering to ask Jesus for help, remind yourself that IN the process of giving-IN and giving-UP to God's power: He infuses you with the strength and the skills to face your daily tasks and struggles with tenacity and grit. ~ He is the source of your ability to never give up in life. And you'll get more of that strength the more you yield to Him in surrender. ~ Giving-in to God = strength and wisdom to 'not be a quitter' in life. ~ It's all from Him, all the time. How delicious! Thank you, Jesus. You are all we need. Help us remember to give-IN to you. ~

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