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Can you imagine, all those little things you wished you could stop doing, literally losing their power over you? Incredible! ~ There's something almost miraculous about the way God changes you, from the inside out, when you turn your life toward Him. ~ Destructive behaviors, divisive thoughts, and petty carnal desires seem to literally melt away in the presence of His perfection. ~ It's hard to explain unless you've experienced it. ~ I've seen it time and time again. A long-term smoker, suddenly finding the taste repulsive, a committed pleasure-seeker suddenly disinterested in parties and drugs. ~ A lost-soul seeking validation, suddenly feeling complete. ~ Our vices and insecurities just lose their power and appeal in the presence of something way more satisfying. ~ And the more you're satisfied, the more you crave that which IS filling you: Jesus. ~ This leaves us with 2 lessons: ~ 1) If you're holding back on believing until you're 'good enough' - Don't! - because He will change you when you surrender ~ 2) If you're watching an old friend turn into a 'goody-goody Christian', chances are they haven't changed to show you up - they are just deeply satisfied in a way you won't know until you choose to believe. ~ Either way, deep life-long change is waiting on the other side of your 'I BELIEVE'. ~ What have you got to lose? ~ Ezekiel 36:25-27

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