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Did you know that all believers are, in effect, Ministers?

"Oh no", you say, "That's not me. I'm just going about my life, doing the best I can, no-one is looking to me for any guidance".

This may be less true that you hope.

The New York Times states the average American knows 600 people. Within that group, has to be at least half who have different beliefs to you, and, therefore, watch how you live.

Sure, they may judge you for what you believe, but they ARE curious: what makes your day different to theirs? How do you handle stress, how do you forgive when you've been wronged, how does life FEEL each day with the new hope you say you have?

This realization may feel like a heavy weight, the pressure to live 'perfect' is crushing but that's not what we are called to do.

Our job, as living, breathing billboards for Jesus is just to be REAL.

Be honest in your imperfection. But proclaim that it's on His perfection that you stand.

Most people resist coming to church until they've cleaned their life up. But you know that we don't need to do that.

The missing ingredient to life is not fixing all of our shortcomings, but relying on Jesus and His perfection.

So, the next time you're tempted to show your shiny Christian self, ask God if this could be a moment where, through your frailty, you could witness that Jesus is your daily helper. A hope deeper than any of our shortcomings.

You are a Minister, with the best message of all time. Won't you share the gold you have found?

Mark 16:15 "...Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

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