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We've heard it before, the secret to a God-drenched day is to 'abide' in Him. ~ But what does that even mean? To abide...? ~ And how do we do that when so many other 'important' tasks jostle for our attention?? ~ Fact is, abiding is the secret sauce! It will literally change our lives and make our day full of depth and a tapestry of beauty, if we allow it. ~ An active verb: abiding is way more than a feeling or belief it literally means to remain or stay. ~ Like that beautiful metaphor Jesus taught: He is the vine and we are the branches... if we (the branches) remain connected to the vine only once a day, and then wander off alone for the next 10hrs, we no longer receive the life-giving sustenance while we are disconnected. It's the same with Jesus. ~ Disconnect - and you will feel, well... disconnected! ~ It's all about 'continued connection', so it has to be more than just your morning quiet time on that specific chair, with your morning coffee in your favorite mug (I'm talking to myself here!) ~ Nope, to feel unending joy, we need to bring Him with us all day! ~ Theologian Oswald Chambers broke the myth of the difficulty of abiding, "It is unnecessary and to change and arrange my circumstances to abide. Jesus' inner abiding was pure and unblemished. He was at home with God wherever His body was. We can grow toward this too. Don't wait for the perfect circumstances to abide, begin now. At first it will take continual effort, but after time will become unconcious." ~ First step - abide by talking to Him about EVERYTHING. Don't worry, you're not 'bothering' him with little things, it's the little things that make you feel close to someone, so share it all. ~ Draw Him in. Drink from His life-giving nutrients all day - and just watch your life twinkle with the love and joy only Jesus creates in you! ~ John 15:5 ~

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