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As we head into this Thanksgiving week, how can we re-energize our heart to be grateful, when all we feel is numb? -- As humans, we naturally adapt to our surroundings, and in the process, forget the many miracles and blessings God has given us. -- We saw this play out every day on our spiritual seeking journey. 8 years, across 33 countries, and constantly changing environments. We would often go from living on a yacht to living in a tent. Five-star dinners to cooking grain on the floor of a mud-hut and dunking tasteless dough into water seasoned with salty fish. -- Each time, our brain would fight the change. We got so used to our surroundings, that no matter what, we would feel a little anxious to leave. Even the most primitive environment became our 'normal' and the palid turned into a palace. -- Our solution was to keep moving, keep doing the uncomfortable but how can you remain grateful while living in one place? -- NOTICING: start a daily miracle diary. Write down the mini-miracles you can easily see (a roof over your head, hot running water that just works, a body that moves when you will it) and then go one step further and notice the miracles that have happened on the other side of the 'bad stuff' (how losing your job led you to a whole new passion or even how losing a loved one drew you closer to God and deeper in your faith). -- That's all. Just notice. -- The life-changing-action of NOTICING will easily enlarge your gratitude this week. -- FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I am grateful for................

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