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Praying continually seems like a beautiful way to get through each day, but HOW do you actually DO it when it doesn't seem to come naturally? ~ I don't know about you, but I'm pretty good at book-ending my day with prayer. Morning and evening, bringing all my mess-ups and my rambling thoughts to the God. I've learned to lay them on a little silver platter in my mind and release them to Jesus... then wait and listen for His wisdom (that's a little harder, but staggeringly important and beautiful). ~ But praying continually always seemed an impossibility... Until I realized that I talk to myself continually anyway! ~ I'm continually plotting, planning, judging, fretting, and explaining away my actions to myself. I catch myself sorting through a conversation in my mind, one I've had and failed in, or one I dream of having: bravely speaking up about something. ~ I'm halfway there! Now, all I have to is notice the continual chatter is happening anyway, stop the silly continuous dialog to myself, and direct it to God instead. ~ Rather than sorting through ideas aimlessly, I ask God to sort them for me. I admit that I need Him. That I can never say the perfect thing to release someone, that only He can do that. I ask, "Please God, grip their heart for you. Bring tears of release flowing as they fall in love you with. I so desire to see them on-fire for you." ~ I wasn't sure if it was 'working', but it is!! Situations that felt hopeless are being gently unraveled by Jesus, without me! ~ Who knew, I just needed to get out of God's way and ask Him to do what only He can do!! ~ It may not come naturally, but I'm determined to keep growing this noticing (my constant internal dialog) and directing it to God (praying continually). ~ Think continually or Pray continually.... One of them IS already happening. ~ Which will you choose? ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. ~

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