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Did you know there's something in our brain that's great for survival but can also cause us to normalize our lives and lose our appreciation of the millions of blessings from God? ~ Our incredible ability to adapt to new situations, allowing us to find a sense or normalcy in even the most unusual living environments, is very helpful for all the trials of life, but presents a subtle danger to our gratitude. ~ Just like we can become nose-blind to the smells we are around daily, we can also become blessing-blind to all the ways God is providing. ~ You know that moment when you've forgotten that EVERYTHING you are, have, eat, sit on, sleep on, and drive are all gifts from your heavenly father? Even the people around you: all gifts, cleverly disguised in different humans. ~ If you've slipped into blessing-blindness, don't feel bad, we all do it. Just know, it takes an active remembering and a determination to seek out and name everything around us as what they are: gifts from God. ~ EXPERIMENT: as you see things this week, say to yourself, 'That's a gift from God'. When you walk past people, say to yourself, 'They are a gift from God, made in His image'. ~ It changes our experience of the blessings when we remember they are all gracious gifts, from our gracious father who abounds in mercy and kindness and loves you more than you can ever imagine! ~ Yes, it's time to smell the roses, and the daisies, He made them for you ~

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