• Bessie Barker


Have your feelings ever misled you?

In this follow-your-heart world, we put so much stock on what we feel, yet may miss the deeper wisdom flowing past as we chase that which fluctuates. ~ What we feel, after all, is a volatile and unpredictable cocktail of hormones, h-angry, childhood induced pride, and every worst thought we have about ourselves. ~ Can that combination really be trusted and relied upon to guide our life daily? ~ If we want to rise above the collection of experiences we have already had in life... To reach NEW heights spiritually, physically, relationally, and socially - how can we rely on what is old and expect 'new'? ~ Yet all around us, and in us, exists a beautiful spirit of wisdom, comfort, and clarity: the Holy Spirit. ~ Described as our advocate and helper, the Holy Spirit is with us in every moment, ready to be used as a lens through which we view life, and make decisions. ~ Are you using your greatest strategy and tool in life? Try beginning your day by asking the Holy Spirit to lead you. ~ Before difficult conversations, take a pause and ask Him to guide your words. ~ He's ready and waiting to lead you to what is 'better'. ~ Rise above chasing feelings, you'll be so glad you did.

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