• Bessie Barker

"I'M JUST NOT 'THERE' YET' -- What if there is NO THERE?

Are you inching closer to believing (or wanting to believe more) but feel stuck?

The journey to belief is a fragile path, filled with multiple questions and doubts.

My husband and I experienced this, as God gently pursued us for 10 years, across 33 countries. - For him, it was a process of elimination: experiencing every other religion, and seeing where it fell short, until he had his own first-hand 'burning bush' experience with God. - For me, I was numb to it all and determined not to let the 'fairy tales' break me down. - Then it happened, a moment of despair. Instead of 'battling on' by myself, I realized I couldn't do it alone anymore, and actually, I didn't want to! - Within seconds, in that moment of utter surrender, God's love fully flooded my heart with peace, pure love, and reassurance in a way I could no longer deny. - WHAT ABOUT YOU? How long is your list of objections? Questions are a great starting point, but they are nothing compared to experiences. - There comes a time when you need to stop asking questions and just choose to believe, even for a moment. - If you do that whole-heartedly, it 'opens the door' so God can come in and take over your troubled mind and anxious heart. - Are you ready? What have you got to lose?

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