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Was your experience of church less than stellar... leading you to dismiss the whole God thing altogether? - I know that feeling. My early years of church life as a teen was pretty uninspiring too. The overriding emotion was... 'meh'. - It seemed to be just a big building full of people hiding their true selves, way too quick to judge and condemn others. Pot/kettle/black anyone? - Sure, there were a handful of moments I really felt something, but those where squashed under so many layers of disappointment in the humans that followed Him. And so, I gave up, and declared God was dead. - 20 years later, on our spiritual-seeking 'Life Change Experiment' journey, we ended up visiting my old church with my mom. What happened next shocked me. - I felt IT. An overwhelming love - deeper than anything I had experienced on our journey - and I started crying softly. How could I have given up on this pure source of all joy, because of the behavior of faulty humans (of which I am also one)? -- Okay, so God may not have the best PR at times (because He relies us to be His examples), but giving up on God because of people is akin to giving up on food because you had a few disappointing meals. -- So, I decided to give God a second chance. And this time, instead of focusing on judgy Christian examples, I focused on the reason I was there: His reckless love for me. - Ultimately, it was me getting the second chance. The result: love, breeds love. Encouragers, create other encouragers. -- Give more of what you feel you're lacking from others and you can truly change the world. -- We ARE the church. WE can make it better.

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