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In a world where self-reliance is admired, it can be hard to remember how needy we really are. ~ We NEED God, second-by-second. ~ His breath in our lungs, His spirit flowing through our decisions & difficult conversations. ~ His continual sanctification of us which grows our heart to WANT to do what's right, and gives us a distaste for destructive desires. ~ His tender mercies, fresh every morning, and His grace that covers our past, present, and future failures. ~ Oh yes, we are needy. ~ But how often do you forget? ~ Pushing ahead through the day, allowing stress to build as you wonder how much more you can take... That boiling point, is actually a timely reminder to recall our God-need & ask Him for help. ~ Author, S. Young, writes, "God crowns you with lovingkindness & tender mercies. You need vast quantities of these & He delights in providing them for you. ~ YOUR JOB is to open your heart fully to Him, acknowledging to yourself, and to Him, how needy you are. ~ Many are afraid to face their neediness because they doubt that anyone could ever provide all they lack. Humanly speaking, this is true, but God has infinite reservoirs of blessings for His children. ~ Come to Jesus when you are feeling weak & vulnerable. Pour out your heart to Him and HOLD STILL, while He crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies." ~ Will you hold still today? ~ Admit your neediness to Jesus and He will fill you with His more-than-enoughness. ~ Psalm 103:1-4 ~

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