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When trouble comes your way and you feel your focus zoom-in to a pinpoint. When all you can see is the struggle and no solutions, it's time to ask for God-goggles. ~ In that moment you call for help: falling to your knees, rather than falling apart, you get much needed space between you and your concern. The space ushers in a new view, so you can start to see the issue from God's perspective. ~ This zoom-out view, gives you all the little pieces of information surrounding the issue, that you can't see when you're in a panic. ~ Elegant solutions, people who can help, positives from something only seemed negative, at first glance. ~ Will you be brave to ask for God-goggles next time you're a little frozen in fear? ~ At the very least, it'll give you a time of pause, even to have a little giggle at yourself for taking it all so seriously, and in that lighter space: allow God to whisper His wisdom and show you something you may have been missing. ~ Added bonus: you'll feel God's presence more. This unexpected pleasure, in the middle of the pain, is a bit confusing to your body and mind, enough to shock you into remembering to call on Him again in the next problem. ~ Hint: life will keep serving up struggles and strife, so we may as well make them a bit more fun, reaching out to God, asking for His zoom-out God-goggles, and see with His vision and not just ours. ~ So much better! ~ John 16:33 ~

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