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What is it about us mere mortals that so desires 'easy' ?

We know - in life and in business - that nothing good comes without hard-work, yet we seem wired to look for short-cuts.

Neuroscience says our brain tends to choose the 'path of least resistance', leading us to reach for the low-hanging fruit in life.

But the fruit which hangs low, does not necessarily have the sweetest nectar.

Do you remember a time when you made something yourself? The sense of satisfaction was palpably different from buying a trinket at the store.

Why? Could it be that God actually designed us to drink in satisfaction from physical & mental effort?

And it's not even WHAT you are doing, so much as HOW you are doing it, and your heart position at the time. Is it in a state of complaint or willingness?

As we traveled to 33 countries, working for free (instead of the hundreds per hour we used to charge) we experienced this gift of giving in living-Technicolor. It changed us, inside and out.

I'm not suggesting you work for free, but as you step into your day - with all it's busyness - I encourage you to turn each task into an opportunity to open your heart and do it for the glory of God.

Choosing daily to honor your Maker changes everything, in you, and those you encounter.

Shine His light, even in the little things.

1 Corinthians 10:31

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