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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

It’s been a long and eventful, winding journey to come to this place in my life. But now I am here, it was worth every bit of it. Nothing turns out the way you expect and the last place I expected to be, when we left 8 years ago on our Life Change Adventure was talking publicly and proudly about the incredible, transformational power of the Real Jesus.

What do I mean by 'Real'? Well, I don’t mean the one so many religious people pay lip-service to on Sundays, then ignore the rest of the week. Not a concept, a sermon or a nice idea but one that I discovered - to my shock - was as real, present, personal and infused into every aspect of my daily life as the air I breathe. A living, loving, life-changing-force that transformed me, and many others, from the inside out.

For 20 years. my husband and I had an intense aversion to Christians. We loved Buddhists and Hindus and just about everyone else, but Christians… Yuck! Hypocrites. So, the very fact I am writing this blog is a bonafide miracle.

That’s why I have called my new project: Freedom Fighter Ministries.

For 2000 years, Christianity has been corrupted, watered down, politicized and warped to mean something pretty ugly or empty to many people. Including myself.

But the very, very simple truth - under all this man-made rubbish – is it’s the doorway to being set free.

Everything we search so hard for in life: love, security, happiness, fulfillment… all there, through one spiritual portal. No great works, pious resume, fixing/improving or how-to seminar required. Just ‘come as you are’. Broken, hurting, confused, empty, lost, alone, disappointed, uncertain, fearful, numb unhappy et al.

Or maybe you’re just curious and seeking.

The world sells us counterfeit solutions to all these issues, but when they don’t live up to their promises……. what then?

Freedom Fighters is fighting to get the REAL message of Jesus and the REAL experience of emotional and physical freedom - to the people whose lives we touch.


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