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Are you good with the 'God' thing but not so sure about the 'J' word? - I was exactly the same! In fact, I was so bothered by the name Jesus that I wanted to edit out any mention of him in some of the God songs I had been listening to. Why did they have to keep ruining beautiful songs by mentioning Jesus?! - A Christian friend gently explained, "Without Jesus, it's all just up to us to try to be good enough for God. To act like well-behaved children, desperately trying to please a disapproving dude in the sky but the truth is drastically different". -- I was intrigued. "So, is the main guy God or Jesus?", I asked. -- "It's both. Think of it this way. Water has 3 different states, solid, liquid, and gas. They are all water but in different forms. It's the same with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit." -- “God was so sad that everyone was trying to be good enough and obey all these rules while keeping their hearts closed, that he came to earth in form of a human (as Jesus) so he could live the way we lived and completely understand our pain. -- And then, when the time was right, he rolled out the biggest MYTHBUSTER of all. You don't have to be good enough for God - Jesus takes the place of every mistake we have ever made or ever will. Our job is simply to believe, remember we are loved and show love to others. -- And we don’t have to do it alone, the Holy Spirit was left with us as a helper. A whisper in your soul and a guide if you will listen.” -- That's it. -- Solid, liquid, gas. Genius!

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