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Are you waiting to get 'good enough' for God to use you? Holding out for your big, elusive, God-given purpose?

It's easy to lose heart when others' spiritual development is leaping ahead, full of vitality and good works, while you wait in the wings.

If it's been a while, you're likely to fall into that old lie that you can't be used.

At least not until you memorize more of the bible, have less bad thoughts, and a higher credit score!

MYTH BUSTED: the bible is crammed full of imperfect people who God used WHILE they struggled along:

Peter Scazerro, Author of 'Emotionally Healthy Spiritually' says;

“The Bible does not spin the flaws and weaknesses of its heroes. Moses was a murderer, Peter rebuked God! Noah got drunk. Jonah was a racist. Jacob was a liar. John Mark deserted Paul. Elijah burned out. Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal. Thomas doubted. Moses had a temper. Timothy had ulcers. And all these people send the same message: that every human being on earth, regardless of their gifts and strengths, is weak, vulnerable, dependent on God and others".

Quite an unlikely group of heroes! It seems the more 'unsuitable' the person, the more it appears to please God to demonstrate His power through them.

Why not reach out of the self-pity-pit and stand on the truth: God CAN use you and He wants to.

HOW? Just begin by being a willing instrument of peace, comfort, and love to those around you.

That is the ministry we are ALL called to.

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