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Do you ever feel spiritually hungry? ~ Like you're running on an empty tank that was once full? Your memories of past mountain-top experiences with God making the lack feel even deeper? ~ Spiritual starvation is commonplace on this world that distracts and distorts the truths of God. Without us even realizing, our spiritual nourishment can slowly and imperceptibly leak out, until we feel...nothing. ~ But is that true? Does God only visit us once, and then it's up to us to store His love in our cheeks like chipmunks? ~ Oh no, He is with you right now. ~ The briefest glance and whisper of His name can connect you with Jesus. ~ Will you do that, right now? Why wait? ~ Close your eyes, allow yourself to feel the 'empty' and then expectantly whisper 'Jesus'... And again, 'Jesus'. ~ Whenever I do this with an open heart, I sense a change. As if my mind is opening wider, my vessels are filling up with light, as if He floods me with His love. ~ Try it now. Accept the empty, and let Him fill it. He's the only one who truly can. ~ As you go about your day, every time you feel lack, repeat this 2 second spiritual top-up. No matter how busy you are, you always have 2 seconds to spare. ~ Empty' is just a wonderful reminder to fill up again. ~ You have second-by-second access to the one spritual super-food who sustains us: Jesus. ~ Psalm 105:4 "Look to the Lord and. His strength: seek his face always" ~

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