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It's true. The world is full of many Christians living less than loving lives.

We all have stories of feeling judged by those who aren't in a position to judge.

Fact is, all sin (missing the mark) is the same to God, and we all miss the mark in small and not-so-small ways each day, so no human is in a position to judge another harshly.

Jesus was quick to point this out. The story of the woman who was sentenced to be stoned to death for having an affair (the horrific custom of the day)... ...Jesus challenged them, saying only those who are perfect and have never failed can throw the first stone. They all dropped their stones and walked away.

Truth: for all the judgy Christians you have ever met, there is also an undercurrent of raw and real believers who readily admit their own failings and show deep grace to others (undeserved kindness and acceptance) with open arms.

You just may not notice them as easily, since they tend to walk more humbly than the rest.

So, in the same way that all businesses aren't corrupt - all Christians aren't hypocrites. Choose to see the beauty below the bombastic.

There is a whole tribe of accepting believers, ready and waiting to welcome you in. Won't you see with fresh eyes?

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