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One of the biggest reasons for holding back on God is the idea that you'll have to give up all the fun things of life to be good enough.

And if, like me, your life was all wrapped up in those things - how could you ever be able to feel that deep love without changing who you are?

I get it, I used to think there was too much life to live first before giving in to God.

But the startling truth is, much of the things we reach for only temporarily satisfy our internal inbuilt-craving FOR God. All the subtle, addictive, and seductive things that give short bursts of satisfaction: shopping, sex, food, arguing, drinking, parties, even drugs - all leave us with a deeper hole than before, and side effects to boot.

Sadly, just knowing this lack of satisfaction deep down in our souls, as most of us do, is not enough on its own to create a new desire for God in us: a desire for something that doesn't fail us.

But remember God creates that yearning and desire for more in all of us. We just choose the temporary and unfulfilling solutions instead of going to the source.

Being honest with God is the first step. A simple prayer like: "God, I know I'm not doing so well on my own, I can feel in my soul you have a better life for me and I want to live it fully. Will you come into my life and shape me into someone new?"

What I discovered: when I did this with a truly open heart, every day, something beautiful kicked in. He gently edited cravings and old patterns and habits and created all NEW desires. Suddenly I had a hunger for new wisdom, new habits and new thoughts that somehow fulfilled me so much more than the old passions, desires and pleasures. I just didn't miss them anymore!

If 'giving up what you love' has been your reasoning to block God's goodness, I encourage you to do an experiment: Let Him do something completely new in you. You won't believe how much better it feels!

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