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What a rollercoaster 2020 has been! ~ As we inch toward a new year, how can we usher 'new' into our dry souls? ~ It starts with reconciling this past year: mourn the losses, and set down the pain. Literally write a list, and release the emotion in each word to the Author of your Life. ~ You'll need your hands free for what God wants you to pick up: • Comfort & Compassion • A new name • His heart and His eyes to see others with a clear lens, so you can love like you have always been loved by Him. ~ But we can't allow any of that in... while our vision is blurred by disappointment. Release all your frustrations of 2020 to Jesus, so you don't carry any stow-away bitterness into 2021. ~ What do you need to release? ~ Close your eyes, whisper and write the words you don't think you can, or should, say to God. He knows your feelings anyway. ~ As you do, He sees your painful expression as a sweet gift of vulnerability. That's all He ever wants from you, the whole truth, without any emotion-editing! ~ This opens a wider doorway to His love, compassion and grace that is directed at you always, which you can't sense while you're 'acting as if' you're okay. ~ Let His love-light wash over you, in, and through you, melting away the resentment and replacing it with possibility and purpose. ~ 2021 will be different, in your heart and your mind, IF you're willing to ask for help. ~ Begin now, preparing for a truly NEW year, by letting the OLD pass through and asking Jesus to hold your hand & heart as you go. ~ The greatest gift of all is waiting to heal your hurts and soothe your disappointments. Won't you let Him in? ~

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