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Does the desire for perfection drive you, even just a little bit? ~ Do you find yourself seeking that perfect meal, the perfect cup of coffee, the perfect jeans, the perfect job, car, friend, husband/wife or child? ~ It's crazy when you think about... We know we aren't perfect, but, somehow, that doesn't stop us seeking it in, and from, others. Why is that? ~ We somehow forget that nothing is perfect, except God. He planted the desire for perfection in every heart, but it is meant to draw us to seek Him. ~ Think of it as a clever homing-pigeon kind of yearning. That call within all of us to seek out His perfect love is a beautiful thing, WHEN we remember only He can fulfill the desire. ~ When we forget - we mistakenly look for perfection elsewhere and we are always disappointed. ~ Much frustration comes from us seeking perfection where it simply cannot be found. The perfect car, breaks down, or is superseded by another model and the perfect partner, eventually messes up. Any temporary perfection we think we find in life will eventually fade. ~ So, what to do? ~ Idea: the next time you notice a frustration or desire, led by the yearning for perfection - stop what you are doing, and surrender that need to Jesus. ~ It can become a fun exercise, realizing in the moment, 'Wow, that's my need for perfection. God put it there on purpose so I'd seek Him!' ~ Thank Him for reminding you to never look horizontally (from people and things), for what you can only get vertically (from God). ~ It won't come easy at first, but over time it should bring lightness and joy that we truly do have access to the most perfect-perfection we could ever desire! ~ He is ready, waiting to be sought, and wants to pour out his perfect love on you. ~

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