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I was one of those people who would never sing out loud in front of others - ever.

Not in the car, not happy birthday around a cake, not even in the shower. It was almost as if my vocal chords were numb, frozen stiff by some memory in the past of being embarrassed or the deep knowing that what I had to say or sing didn't matter. - What silent memory or silly moment is stifling your voice, your creativity, & your joy in some way? -- Time magazine says, "When you sing, musical vibrations move THROUGH you, ALTERING your physical & emotional landscape. Literally changing the chemistry of your mind & body" -- Scientists have discovered that singing is the key to unlocking our joy. It's a natural anti-depressant, decreases pain, improves brain function, increases empathy, boosts immune system & circulation - even lowers blood pressure! -- Even if you sing badly! A tiny organ in the ear called the sacculus responds to the frequencies & creates an immediate sense of pleasure, regardless of how the singing sounds. -- Before I had even let God back into my heart, I began to sing again. I would wake up at 5am and go for a sunrise walk around Beverly Hills, when everyone was still asleep, & I would sing my heart out to worship music pumping through my headphones. I didn't believe what the words said, just yet, but just for a moment, I would allow myself to open my heart & sing them anyway. -- Those mornings of vocal release began to work on my heart like nothing else. As my face tingled in the cold air I could literally feel my defences coming down & my fears begin to dissolve. -- What are you holding on to, that God may want to help you release to Him? - If you can't say it, just sing it. He hears you & so does your body & mind. -- Sing your way back to His heart ❤️

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