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Soul Spa for Leaders

I'm so excited to launch Soul Spa: for Leaders.

Two years ago, I put together the first Soul Spa. I really wanted a place that I could go and feel God's love straight away, no matter how stressed or sad I felt that day.

Somewhere soothing and relaxing that would let me sink quickly into a peaceful state, drop the mask, and remember the core truth of life: we are LOVED, more than we can ever imagine, by our Creator.

So, the idea was born to create a space for women that mirrored the feeling of walking into a Day-Spa, where no matter how stressed you are, the darkness, candles and soothing music drop your stress levels immediately and let you slip right in to a bath of peace.

The big difference though, is this is a Spa for your Soul.

Using soothing music and guided prayer, gentle reminders, silence, and spiritual encouragement, we make space to feel God's presence and hear God's voice, in that very moment, direct to YOU.

Now two years on, leading more than 1000 women into a space of rest, spiritual and emotional recovery, I am so excited at the wave of acceptance and compassion that has begun to radiate out into families, workplaces, retreats, and weekly gatherings.

Soul Spa for Leaders is our new edition. Scheduled before conference programming or meetings, it's designed to center, connect, and soften the hearts of key women at events and offices, connecting them strongly to God's peace and purpose before they begin their tasks.

Soul Spa: 'taking-out-the-trash' so you can love others well.

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