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Did you know, God fills you up for a reason? ~ In the moments you feel completely full with His love, so much that you can't hold it in and you want to sing - that's a hint to your purpose... ~ Your purpose is simply to pay-it-forward. God wants you to pour out what you've received and give it to another. ~ Like a chain of people passing buckets of water up the line towards a raging fire, He is expecting you to pass on what you receive. ~ So often, we feel stagnant in our faith, desperate to know our big purpose, or feel useful, and all the while our daily usefulness is being restricted by us holding on. ~ Oswald Chambers put it this way, "God's purpose is not simply to make us beautiful plump grapes, but to make us grapes so that He may squeeze the sweetness out of us...." ~ If you're feeling spiritually stuck, Oswald paints a clear solution, "Our spiritual life cannot be measured by success as the world measures it, but only by what God pours out THROUGH us.... Stop seeking your own satisfaction, and pour out your life before Him." ~ When you empty yourself for another, God fills you back up again with fresh inspiration! ~ So squeeze it out, every last drop, and watch your blessings flow as He fills you back up, ready to be poured out, once again. ~

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