• Bessie Barker

Stranger Danger or God Given Opportunity

Have you ever noticed how God seems to place fellow journeyors in your path who have been through the same pain or have just what you need?

It's as if God weaves together strangers, placed together for seconds or minutes, who can actually be an unexpected source of laughter, needed information or deep comfort if only we take the time to notice one another and begin a conversation.

This beautiful mystery surprises me every time, and I am now convinced that stranger danger is in fact ignoring those we briefly walk alongside. The missed blessing disappears as our walking changes direction and we are not even aware of the unopened gift God left along our path.

My last blessing in disguise was Tom, my Uber driver. I was busy answering emails in the back seat when I felt a promoting to notice the stranger placed in my path. I began a gentle conversation, we talked restaurants, Vegas vacations, and the best live music venues and then it happened. This young man admitted had just lost his brother to cancer, the very same tragedy I experienced 7 years ago.

My heart stopped for a moment, and then I decided to take the risk. The risk of getting involved. I shared my experience with him and he broke down in tears. He was at the end of his rope, questioning everything and felt like he had no one to talk to who would ever understand the unique pain of losing a sibling young to cancer.

He shared, we cried, and then I prayed for that stranger from the back seat of my Uber. As I finished my unplanned prayer, his face was aglow. He had been asking for a miracle and that day he got it from an unlikely source.

Will you take the risk and notice someone today?

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