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Updated: Sep 26, 2019

THANK GOODNESS, THERE IS NO MORE STRUGGLE The hidden gem of real-Christianity so many people miss is, "Thank goodness I don't need to struggle to BE enough on my own anymore!"

After years of testing self-help, spirituality, gurus, book techniques, and spending a lot of time 'keeping up appearances'... In my darkest of days, I had to admit, none of it even scratched the surface of the pain, shame, and defeat I held from my childhood.

Sure, some of the self-awareness techniques were useful, but leaning only on 'self' just led to a never-ending rabbit-hole of strategies, seminars, and self-criticism that, ultimately, never quite got to the bottom of the problems and emptiness.

Only when the REAL LIVE power of Jesus changed everything, did I see how pointless my 'self' struggle was. He took all that internal angst, fear, worry, self-worth-struggles and made me instantly worthy and complete.

And all we have to do is just accept this gift, and receive it with an open heart.

There is nothing more delicious than truly surrendering to God.

Letting go of the heavy work of Self-help and just letting Him drive. Complete control of your life. It's sublime, freeing, uplifting, and so, so much more reassuring that worrying about my self.

Sound crazy to you? A little challenge: if this was the latest guru that Oprah swore would change your life, and you could get a ticket, wouldn't you be curious to find out?

I dare you, forget what you think you know about Jesus. Take another look with an open mind. The greatest gift awaits your curiosity.

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