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There's a deep longing woven into our hearts to belong: know we are accepted, have something in common with others, and are safe in the fold.

So, when humans withdraw or avoid connecting - preferring to be on their own - a wall grows built of satisfying our own needs without the pesky inconvenience of thinking of others.

We become addicted to having no witnesses to our life rhythms and before we know it we have become insular, distant, self-focused. It can be fun at first but scientists say it can be the beginning of a destructive spiral.

Scientific American states aloneness can shorten your life by 15 years, trigger stress hormones, higher blood pressure, lower resistance to infection, depression, risk of cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

It's also addictive and can spiral into even deeper separation from others as we lose the skills and desire to connect.

So, why do we often choose it? Usually, because of trust issues and fear.

Avoiding fear is higher on our needs than belonging, and so we listen to fear.

But, what if there is someone you CAN trust? Someone that knows you, inside and out, the good, the bad, and the unmentionable and His response is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE?

Could it be time to open a tiny door in your heart to the one you truly can trust? Who can grow in you the willingness to deepen relationships with others?

The sense of belonging you will find with God has unimaginable power to melt away mental pain and past hurts.

It will change everything. What have you got to lose?

Zephaniah 3:17

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