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How do you feel, this Monday morning? ~ Ready to run at the week or run back to bed? ~ Truth is, if we were to think about all the energy and patience this week will require, we would all want to run back to bed! ~ But God has another way of looking at it. ~ Your Heavenly Father, who knows you better than anyone else, has cleverly carved this week into bite size peices for you: with a night's rest in between each day, and an emotional 'care package' waiting for you each morning. ~ This 'care package' is resting at the end of your bed as you wake. Just like Christmas morning as a child, except this one is there everyday, no matter how old you are. ~ What's inside? The first gift is the breath of life that woke you up this morning, and body that works well enough to get you out of bed. ~ Next, you'll find blessings of hot liquid to drink, warm water to shower under, and the ultimate life-manual (your Bible) waiting for you to open - even if you just read 1 verse. ~ Then, close your eyes and whisper, "Jesus, Jesus." Now, you find the ultimate gift - the realization of His presence right there beside you. ~ Don't set this gift down just yet, let's spend a little bit more time here, soaking up all the blessings in this moment... ...As your eyes are still closed, allow all the things you think YOU need to do, to fix and change your life, to just rest at His feet. ~ Let go of all the ways you think you need to be 'enough' to get through this week, and ASK Him to fill you. With His words, His wisdom, His eyes to see the pain and need around you, His discernment to decide what to do next in each moment. ~ All of 'His', and none of 'yours'. ~ Because the truth is, God chooses to use you this week, more for your weaknesses, not your strengths. Then, He can fill you, and use you as a vessel and instrument of His kindness. ~ John 15:5 ~

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